Our Fees

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Our Fees

Our Fees

How much is it all going to cost me?

This is the $60 million question, isn’t it? And unfortunately, there is no easy answer. We hope you appreciate our honesty with this.

As a service provider, it is impossible to set standard fees for every client. It can’t possibly work like that. Some clients have small businesses with relatively little paperwork, others may have lots of paperwork, but are very organised and do the bookkeeping themselves, while others just like to hand us a bag of receipts and tell us to “get on with it”. It is impossible for us to envisage how much time will be spent on each client.

After the initial free consultation, we will give you a quotation for your specific needs. This fee will be set in stone for at least one year. If at the end of your first year we have over or under estimated the amount of time we have spent on your accounts, we will write to you to either reduce or raise the fees accordingly. But nothing will be done without your approval.

All quotations will state that any other requirements that arise in the year that are not detailed on the quote will also be charged for. Again, no work will be undertaken without your prior agreement to this.

We offer a monthly standing order payment service, enabling you to spread the cost of your annual fees over the year. These standing orders pay in advance for services and any outstanding monies at the end of the year will be due for payment.

We pride ourselves on the level of service we give to our clients. We encourage clients to keep in touch throughout the year, to let us know how trade is and if anyone is struggling, we will always do what we can to help.

If you would like to make an appointment for a Free Consultation, please “contact us”.